How to Install Python?

Install and run Python code on your computer
Update: screenshot are updated on 10 March 2020

Python can be installed in many different ways

This article is targeting beginners, so I will explain how to install Anaconda on your computer
Anaconda is a free, open-source distribution that helps data scientists and machine learning engineers to perform tasks in Python/R across Linux, MAC OS X and Windows platforms. To read more, please visit Anaconda website.

Step by step guide to install Anaconda

This is on Mac OS X operating system) but it is more or less the same in other operating systems.
1. Visit Anaconda Download​
Click the desired operating system (usually automatically detected)
2. Click Download or 64-Bit Graphical Installer (654 MB)
3. Double click the installer (the file downloaded from the previous step).
Click open or double click
4. Click continue, then continue
Click continue
Click continue


If you are on windows operating systems, you see Next instead of Continue. You also have to tick Add Anaconda to my PATH environment variable.
Click the box beside Add Anaconda to my PATH environment variable
5. Chose where you want to install Anaconda. I chose default location and only for current user.
Click Install for me only and continue
6. Click install
Click Install
After the installation is finished. You can find Anaconda Navigator in your Application folder on Mac OS X and Start menu in Windows.
Click Anaconda Navigator to open Anaconda
Congrats on successfully installing Anaconda.